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IMAS Provides many additional Services
We can upgrade or replace your existing ATMs and we can configure these units to introduce optional equipment that your old ATMs do not have; for example a color sunlight viewable consumer monitor to take care of those ATMs that suffer direct sunlight problems.
We can introduce your tellers to rear balancing capabilities to eliminate or alleviate their outside exposure to the weather or security concerns you may have.
We can add additional dispensing capacity, swipe or DIP Card readers and so on—these are just a few of the possibilities.
There are a number of upgrades, conversions, cleaning programs, on-site refurbishment programs, etc… provided by IMAS Pvt Ltd as listed below:

  • Upgrade existing ATMs to any level desired (3DES, ADA etc…)
  • Physical installations nationwide
  • Bring live existing or new ATMs
  • Convert existing ATM configurations to the features you want or need
  • ATM network conversions-ATM Level
  • ATM exterior cleaning programs-keep your ATMs looking clean and approachable
  • ATM fascia refurbishments-Extensive PM with a full external overhaul
  • ATM Lighting and Security Checks to assure compliance

ATM Drilling and Locks
We are very experienced with ATM vault drilling, vault repair, and the replacement of ATM locks. If you need an ATM lock, we work with most types of Kaba Mas Cencon, Sargent and Greenleaf, and LaGard locks.

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