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Refurbished ATMs from IMAS  

IMAS is the industry leading service provider of refurbished ATMs to Financial Institutions and equipment resellers, specializing in the refurbishment of NCR Personas, Self Serv and Diebold Opteva ATMs. We also refurbish Wincor-Nixdorf, Hyosung and other major ATM brands. With the expectation of making every refurbished ATM look and operate like new, we guarantee the quality of our finished product with a (90) day part replacement warranty.
Our extensive refurbishing process is described below:
The machine is completely dismantled and all of the components are removed, cleaned, and rebuilt with new consumable parts
The interior of the ATM is then blown out and cleaned
Any exterior blemishes are sanded and repaired
The ATM is painted inside our automotive paint booth
The unit is reassembled with refurbished components
The completed unit is bolted, shrink and bubble wrapped to a pallet for safe shipment
IMAS does not provide software on refurbished ATMs
Does your ATM need
a facelift?

We also do on-site ATM refurbishing to minimize costs and downtime. You can order refurbished fascia kits that are ready to install in place of old and weathered fascias. This is an inexpensive, quick and effective way to refresh an ATM. From your customer’s perspective, the ATM will look like new!

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