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ATM Security – Anti-Skimming  


IMAS is pleased to announce a new ATM security solution, designed to combat skimming attempts through both protection and detection.

The cost of a typical skimming incident has risen to approximately $60,000. Criminals are getting smarter at finding ways to defeat newer ATM card reader designs.

As EMV is adopted, fraud migrates and moves to easier targets. Organized crime is global, targeting the next weakest link. As one of the last countries to convert to EMV, the United States is seeing record levels of skimming incidents in 2014-15.

While anti-skimming has been readily available for ATMs with motorized card readers for many years, we are pleased to announce the first active protection for DIP card readers – an industry first!

  • Continuous, active protection makes the ADK solution unique. The electromagnetic jamming signal is
    always on, protecting card data.
  • Because ADK’s unique active jamming signal doesn’t interfere with the performance of the card reader,
    the ATM remains in service at all times.
  • Current passive DIP technology simply shuts down the ATM when a foreign object (skimmer) is detected,
    generating a service call not covered by most maintenance agreements. Active protection technology
    means the ATM stays in service, eliminating the need for a service call.
  • Continuous, active protection also means successful skimming attacks and the costs associated with
    them are avoided.
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